Lancaster Razor Works x Mammoth 26mm v2 super dense Manchurian fan #1

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Made from custom mixed and hand poured resin.

Colors were custom-mixed to represent the Alive label colors and complement it in a very nice way, but still represent the artistic take on Alive concept.

Crafted in Lancaster, PA and featuring brand new Lancaster V2 26mm Super Dense Manchurian Badger Fan Shape Knots and of course Mammoth coin.

This brush features the Lancaster Rose shape and triple flutes.

Lancaster V2 knot is a new offering that haven’t been released to the public yet. Perfect opportunity to be the one with the first dibs. This batch of hair coming from the winter badger. Extra thick winter coat of Manchurian Badger makes those Super Dense Knots feel like a wall of badger awesomeness. Thicker than usual hair translates to a knot with a very nice back bone and gives it a great flow through properties preventing it from being a lather hog.

Lancaster brushes have been scarce on the market in recent years, getting a custom Lancaster is next to impossible since Lancaster Razor Works does not take custom orders.

100% of the purchase price of this brush will go to and their mission to make freedom real for survivors of trafficking.