Lancaster x Mammoth Black Sheep Shaving Towel

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The ultimate shave towel. Soft and absorbent, a beautiful green color. Featuring detachable handmade leather logo fob with ring for easy hanging. 

This is a new color offering from Lancaster Razor Works that hasn’t yet made it to general public. This color scheme was named Fougere Green. Nice, deep forest green color that matches your Alive set.

Custom-made Mammoth logo stamp for this limited run collaboration.


From Andriy at Lancaster Razor Works:

The Black Sheep Shaving Towel by Lancaster Razor Works is Radically Different From Others! It is the most luxurious and softest shaving towel money could buy! Better than anything you have ever tried. It is so different - you will be blown away! You can easily pad away water off your face with lightning fast speed and the softness of lamb’s wool. Ultra-Soft, extra-long and super absorbent fibers will be incredibly gentle on your skin or when wiping dry your shaving gear. The hanging ring could be used to conveniently hang your towel to dry in your shaving den right next to your favorite strop. Or, you could just simply detach it and use it as a really cool key fob and add some serious wet shaving swag to your daily life. Simple and ingenious! Just UN-SNAP hanging ring and towel is ready to be washed. Oh yeah, it is absolutely WASHABLE by hand or in the machine! No stitching, tags or company logos in the middle of the towel. As a matter of fact, you can easily remove all the company logos if you wish, but we think it looks great in that corner and gives that towel some extra awesomeness. The towel’s edge is covered with black super- soft suede to prevent fraying. All hardware used is Marine Grade Stainless Steel. There will be no problems with corrosion, water absorption or scratching of high gloss finish on your shaving gear. Replace your shaving towel with this awesome Black Sheep Towel – be radically different and enjoy your shave!