Stones/Restore Raffle and Drop!

by Benjamin Esposito


Tuesday October 6th at 10amEST, Mammoth will be releasing Stones and Restore only at

The drop will be the first Mammoth release in our new Tusk soap base, the debut of Oleo x Mammoth Magic balm, and two new fragrances in Eau de Parfum strength.

This drop will also feature a short run of custom Mammoth coin shave brushes by Dogwood Handcrafts along with a raffle October 5th to support

Read on for more information than you've ever wanted about this drop.




As has become our habit, we are kicking off the Stones/Restore dual release with a raffle to support The raffle will run all day Monday October 5th, and entries will be available until the drawing at 9amEST Tuesday Oct 6th.

There will be three prizes:

1. Mammoth Stones trifecta (soap/splash/eau de parfum) and Dogwood Handcrafts x Mammoth Stones shaving brush featuring the Mammoth coin

2. Mammoth Restore trifecta (soap/splash/eau de parfum) and Dogwood Handcrafts x Mammoth Restore shaving brush featuring the Mammoth coin

3. Mammoth/Australian Private Reserve Santal Noir soap/splash set

The raffle will be hosted on RallyUp, and I will be sure to share the link at and on my Instagram and Facebook pages when the link is live. When the raffle is concluded Tuesday, I will go live on IG and the RallyUp software will choose a winner for each of the three prizes. You can win multiple prizes, so don't be shy!

Please buy as many entries as you can afford, as the funds will go to support

The pandemic has hit charities like very hard, with a dramatic increase in need for service coupled with a rapid decline in donations. Here are some of the real, concrete things that RestoreNYC does to fight human trafficking and restore well-being and independence of survivors:

1. Client services such as counseling, comprehensive case management, and resource coordination.

2. Emergency housing, transitional housing, and independent living.

3. Economic empowerment through job-readiness classes, job placement, and entrepreneurship training.

Please visit to find out more about their work.





I have been planning for over a year to work with Dogwood on shaving brushes, and the opportunity is finally here. Dogwood Handcrafts is a premier shave brush artisan, best known for incredible hybrid brushes that encapsulate little worlds with mountains, starscapes, and more; his cast objects series featuring insects, sharks teeth, meteorites, suspended in perfectly clear resin; and beautiful custom poured resin handles in a wide variety of styles from classic butterscotch to stunning dark blends to dramatic colorful swirls. Recently Dogwood opened up a waitlist for custom brushes, which has quickly grown to over 50 people and a lead time of 2-3 months.

Two of these brushes will be raffle prizes, and the rest will be available for purchase in the drop. All feature Maggards SHD two-band knots, set in silicone. Be sure to follow @mammothsoaps on Instagram or Facebook to see pictures of these beautiful brushes soon.





I reached out to Vida of Oleo & Company to collaborate on a postshave product to complement the new Tusk base. I asked Vida if she could make a Nivea style balm inspired by her fantastic Good Oleo skin serum. Mammoth Magic is the result. This balm will debut with the Restore and Stones dual release. I hope you guys love it as much as I do!




For the first time, we are highlighting the work of RestoreNYC with a scent, which will be available Tuesday October 6th only at in Tusk soap, Mammoth Magic balm, and as a fragrance in Eau de Parfum strength.

The Restore label features RestoreNYC's color, and the scent is tailored to represent their work. Notes include mandarin, fig, honey, rose, and vetiver. Each element was carefully considered for its cultural significance, origin in the world, and contribution to the overall fragrance.

Mandarin oranges figure prominently in many Asian cultures as a symbol of good fortune.

Figs originated in Asia Minor and proliferated throughout the Mediterranean region and across the world, and are considered a symbol of abundance and prosperity. The fig was the first fruit tree mentioned in the Bible, and some traditions believe it was the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. The fig was also the tree under which the Buddha sat when he attained enlightenment.

Honey symbolizes abundance and prosperity, and has been enjoyed by humans since antiquity. It is used throughout the world in food, medicine, fermented drinks, and is significant in every major religion.

No other flower comes close to the significance of the rose across multiple continents and through history, and it is widely used in food, fragrance, medicine, and throughout art and culture.

Vetiver is native to India, and useful in fragrance, erosion control, skin care, crop protection, medicine, and construction.

Out of the darkness of human trafficking and the greed, money, drugs, and power involved, in the cold and lifeless concrete jungle of New York City, RestoreNYC has created something beautifully warm and human. The Mammoth Restore fragrance has a warm and natural sweetness that comes from the fig and honey, which keeps the rose from being too dry and dusty, while the vetiver provides a solid foundation of dark earthy greenness and life. 





Stones was made to represent the strength it takes to push forward when things are uncertain. It will be available Tuesday October 6th only at in Tusk soap, Mammoth Magic balm, and as a fragrance in Eau de Parfum strength.

I've taken the leather accord from our Almond Leather scent and balanced it with ginger, tobacco, Indonesian vetiver, and sandalwood.

The tobacco accord in Stones is full and smooth, with tobacco absolute, tabanon, valspice, coumarex, kephalis, amyl salicylate, and a touch of dark aged patchouli.

The ginger is simply a fresh ginger EO from Madagascar, which provides a lift and slightly spicy character to the heart of the fragrance while lending a bit of woodiness.

Indonesian vetiver provides earthy dark green facets to balance the fragrance. I've emphasized its woody character by adding atlas cedar, timbersilk, and ebanol, which imparts a rich balsamic sandalwood aspect.

The Mammoth Stones scent is devoid of top notes, headless. The various components come together to form a warm, earthy, very real and natural scent that anchors you to the ground the way mammoth-sized stones would.

Because I developed this fragrance in warmer weather, I've taken care to keep the fragrance smooth and not audacious or suffocating, suitable for year-round use.



THANK YOU for your patience. This has been a lot of work, but the result is something I think you're going to love.

Much love, friends.

- Ben