• Almond Leather shaving soap

Almond Leather shaving soap

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We live in a noisy world, surrounded by things that demand our attention. The news is unsettling, advertising is everywhere, and social media promises easy connections while driving us further apart. Even in the traditional wet
shaving community, the wide range of options and complex scent descriptions can be dizzying.
Sometimes simpler is better.

Almond Leather features a leather scent softened with a bit of marzipan. These notes are rounded out by a mild top note of neroli, while frankincense lends complexity to the leather accord.
The resulting combination is familiar, accessible, and beautiful in its simplicity.

Scent notes: neroli, almond, frankincense, and leather.

$1 from each tub of shaving soap sold will be donated to Restore NYC and their mission to end sex trafficking in NY and restore the well-being and independence of foreign national survivors. ⁣

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One user said Almond Leather is  "like sex...but if you're having sex on a saddle, and some almonds are there under your balls or some shit. I dunno. It's almond and leather. This isn't calculus ."