• Everett aftershave splash

Everett aftershave splash

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House of Mammoth Everett is dedicated to the memory of a beautiful 3-year-old boy named Everett, who tragically lost his life in a pond three years ago. This special release is dedicated to his memory.

Everett loved dinosaurs and playing in the grass. He would eat oranges until his mouth hurt, and loved marshmallows. He smelled like sunshine.

This scent is for anyone who remembers the simple joys of orange slices at soccer games, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and falling asleep with a half-eaten s'more in your hand. 

Notes: orange slices, sunshine, outdoors, dried orange juice, toasted marshmallow, light musk

Everett fragrance was co-authored by perfumer Michael Nordstrand. Find Michael on Instagram and at Mythologist Studio.


A portion of the sales of Everett will be donated to Live Like Jake and their work to raise awareness for childhood drowning prevention, to provide financial and emotional support for families who have experienced a drowning accident and to provide scholarships for self-rescue swim lessons for families that cannot afford them.



About the splash formula
The Mammoth Magic aftershave splash was based on Chicago Grooming Co's Good Oleo, but formulated for use as an alcohol splash.  It contains a variety of skin soothing ingredients to leave your skin feeling amazing all day. 
Remember to shake before use! 
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Note: This product cannot be shipped outside of the US.