• Mood Indigo Eau de Parfum

Mood Indigo Eau de Parfum

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Mood Indigo is a great Duke Ellington blues tune that's been covered by all the great jazz singers. A lot of people think the blues is a sad genre of music, but it's not. The blues is cathartic, a way for people to give voice to their troubles and find support. Keeping your struggles and sadness to yourself is what makes things worse, so in that sense the blues helps us realize we're not alone. So my thought with Mood Indigo is that it should smell like you're leaving that blues club late at night, tired but feeling good, a little less alone. You take a look up at the night sky and breathe a bit, and sort of unconsciously hum the tune to Mood Indigo.

Notes: black pepper, blueberry, rum, vetiver, oud, night sky.

Note: this product contains alcohol and cannot be shipped outside of the United States.