• Santa Noir aftershave splash

Santa Noir aftershave splash

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Santa Noir is a love letter to Christmas, a luxurious winter fragrance featuring a large percentage of exquisite and expensive natural materials. 

The fragrance opens with a sparkle of fresh hedione and fruity cassis, red as Rudolph's nose.

A citrusy balsamic evergreen accord emerges, featuring absolutes of balsam fir, black hemlock, and black spruce, all sourced from the wilds of Canada.

A healthy dose of real jasmine grandiflorum from India creates warmth and depth, accented with honey essence and oakmoss through the heart of the fragrance.   

The soft woody vanillic drydown is delicious and comforting. Creamy sandalwood is reinforced with hints of agarwood and patchouli for body. A beautiful recreation of (rein)deer musk provides powdery warmth with a touch of leather.  

Notes: twinkling lights, Rudolph’s nose, Christmas tree, warm blanket of snow, Santa’s sleigh, reindeer musk

(cassis, balsam, jasmine, honey, sandalwood, deer musk)

About the splash formula
The Mammoth Magic aftershave splash was based on Chicago Grooming Co's Good Oleo, but formulated for use as an alcohol splash.  It contains a variety of skin soothing ingredients to leave your skin feeling amazing all day. 
It also includes a touch of synthetic menthol for a mild refreshing feeling.
Remember to shake before use! 

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